Lee Lay Khoon, Liew Siau Chuin


A precise analysis of medical image is an important stage in the contouring phase throughout radiotherapy preparation. Medical images are mostly used as radiographic techniques in diagnosis, clinical studies and treatment planning. Medical image processing tool are also similarly as important. With a medical image processing tool, it is possible to speed up and enhance the operation of the analysis of the medical image. This paper describes medical image processing software tool which attempts to secure the same kind of programmability advantage for exploring applications of the pipelined processors. Terminology and important issues in image analysis are first presented. These tools simulate complete systems consisting of several of the proposed processing components, in a configuration described by a graphical schematic diagram. In this paper, fifteen different medical image processing tools will be compared in several aspects. The main objective of the comparison is to gather and analysis the tool in order to recommend users of different operating systems on what type of medical image tools to be used when analysing different types of imaging. A result table was attached and discussed in the paper and concluded with a discussion on the future of tool in biomedical or computer vision research.


Keywords: Image processing; Medical Image; Processing Tool

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